Who Should You Turn to for a Vehicle Alignment?

Who Should You Turn to for a Vehicle Alignment?

Our mechanics can get your tires aligned

On your normal route to work, you begin to feel your vehicle pull slightly to the left. It sounds like your vehicle may be out of alignment. Mountain Valley Auto & Truck Repair, Inc. can get your tires back in line with a computerized alignment service. Bring your vehicle to us and look forward to driving in a straight line again.

Reach out to us at 970-887-3252 to schedule an appointment to align your tires.

3 situations that can take your car out of alignment

Driving too quickly over a speed bump can cause more than just a shocking jolt to your passengers. That impact could have thrown your tires out of alignment as well. If you experience any of the following circumstances, you should visit us to assess your vehicle’s alignment:

  1. Running into a deep pothole
  2. Hitting a curb
  3. Any kind of collision

Consult with Mountain Valley Auto & Truck Repair about getting your vehicle back into alignment.