Don’t Let Car Trouble Grind Your Gears

Don’t Let Car Trouble Grind Your Gears

We’ll address your vehicle’s transmission

Your vehicle has a hard time getting past 60 mph. You can feel the engine rumble as it attempts to shift from gear to gear. Let Mountain Valley Auto & Truck Repair, Inc. have a look at your transmission. We’ll diagnose the problem and decide if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Just dial 970-887-3252 now to schedule a service appointment for transmission work.

3 indications your transmission is in need of attention

Do you know if your transmission is operating efficiently? Here are a few signs it may need to be addressed by a professional:

  1. Your vehicle is having difficulty gaining speed
  2. Your vehicle delays when shifting gears
  3. Your vehicle is leaking red or brown transmission fluid

Discuss your transmission problems with Mountain Valley Auto & Truck Repair and we’ll find a solution.